7 everyday jobs that increase the risk of varicose veins and what you can do about it

Varicose veins often happen for hereditary reasons, but vein health is also affected by your environment. The veins serve to pump blood from the heart and throughout the body to all of the extremities. Varicose veins happen when there is pooling in the veins due to poor circulation.

In the modern world working from home and on the computer is the norm. There are more risks to your vein health than ever before from the simple daily grind. This post will discuss seven jobs that can increase the likelihood of developing varicose veins and what you can do to offset the issues.

Desk jobs

There are ways around the sedentary lifestyle taking a toll on the health of your legs, things like an under-desk bicycle pedal. Still, most people sitting at a desk do not have these kinds of things and don’t take the care to stand up and move around regularly while sitting.

While sitting daily at your desk job or working from home, take breaks regularly and take a short walk around. It doesn’t take anything excessive to get the blood flowing. If you’re on the clock, your lunch break is a great time to get your blood flowing healthily.

Retail Jobs

Believe it or not, spending hours standing can be as unhealthy as hours spent sitting. If you are experiencing blood flow issues during a job that requires standing, compression stockings are something you can try. They help create compression, which promotes healthy circulation.

If you have an opportunity, try to raise your legs, so your feet are above the heart. It can be hard to get this done at work, but take advantage of it if you have a chance.

If it doesn’t work out at work, raise your legs once you get home for 5-10 minutes to get the blood flowing in a healthy direction.

Medical Jobs

Jobs in the medical field can go either way but share much of the issues that retail and desk jobs do. Many positions in the medical field require one or the other, a lot of sitting or mostly standing. Doctors can go upwards of 12 hours in a single shift, spending most of it on their feet.

For those in the medical field, raising the legs is recommended. Try to find time to sneak away for 5-10 minutes of leg raising to increase circulation to and from the heart.

Teaching jobs

Teachers succumb to much of the same issues as the above professions and don’t mix up enough in most cases. Teachers have the benefits of planning out their schedules with their class. 

Try mixing in sections of the day that involve activity. Get you and your class moving. Take the opportunity to teach the younger generations the importance of regular movement throughout the day.


Being a student isn’t technically a “job,” but it is in many ways and has many of the same risks. Students have the benefit of usually being younger. Still, it’s vital to start paying attention to these things as early as possible to make it into a positive habit.

Bartending and Bar Backing Jobs

Bartending and bar backing positions require people to be on their feet for long portions of time, and barbacks have the added risk of moving heavy things around. Take care, takes breaks, and get the right amount of sleep, which can be challenging when working this hour. Proper sleep is essential to circulation as well as the body’s general well-being.

Waiters and Waitresses

Waiters and waitresses work the same long hours and lift and run around that bartenders and barbacks do. Be diligent with your diet if you work in these positions. Salt intake is one of the leading causes of varicose veins, and food at restaurants and bars is notoriously salty.

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